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Due to the devastation caused by the troops of Robert the Guiscard in 1084 and the consequent reconstructions, the Celian Hill still hides ancient Roman buildings preserved underneath the medioeval ones. Our selection focuses on 2 jewels of archeology: the Church of st. Clemens and the Houses of Saints John and Paul.
Our Tour starts from the Celian Hill - a few meters away from the Temple of Claudius (1st century) - at the house of two roman christians, Joannes and Paulus, who met their martyrdom here under the reign of Julian the Apostate.
In this genuine Roman house we find the sole example - in Rome - of a millenary concept of Heaven: a beautiful fresco representing  the Islands of the Blessed. Other wall frescoes, instead, curiously lead our search to the mysteries of Dionysism and the philosophic teaching of Pythagoras. From the slope of the Celio we go down to the 3 levels basilica of St. Clemens, which hides, beneath a paleochristian basilica, a temple for worshippers of Mithra. Mithraism, originating in Persia, was introduced in Rome by Asian pirates captured by Pompeus in the I b.C. Eventually the cult spread all over Europe, especially among soldiers. Cautes, Cautopates, the Primigenial Bull, the Grotto, the Chariot of Helios make the mythic and fascinating background of this archaic religion which revealed to be the last obstacle before the final triumph of Christianity. After visiting the IV century paleochristian basilica to admire frescoes with stories of St. Clemens, the Tour will end up in the above basilica (XII century).
DURATION: 2.5-3 hours

             (except Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, May 1st, December 25th, January 1st)

HOW: on foot

MEETING POINT: to be agreed either (1) at the entrance of St. Clemens or (2) onto the Celian Hill, at Piazza della Navicella, before the Church of St. Mary in Domnica (past the acqueduct’s arches)

MEETING TIME: to be agreed       

TOUR RATE: party of 2 adults € 70 each; 3-4 adults € 50 each; 5-6 adults € 35 each; 7-11 adults € 25 each; 12-15 adults € 20 each.
                    Children/teens under 18 do nt pay for the Tour.

ADMISSION FEE: to the Roman Houses of SS. John and Paul € 6 per person;
                                 to St. Clemens € 5 per person

FINAL STOP: St. Clemens or Roman Houses

GUIDED BY: Max, Eleonora, Marlene
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