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Cardinal Bergoglio, better known as “Papa Francesco”, was the first member of the Society of Jesus to be appointed as a Pope, much to the surprise of Christendom, since the special vow of obedience to the Pope (not supposed to be a Jesuit) was the cause and principal foundation of the Society. The Order was founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1539, after he had recovered from an injury caused by a french cannon ball during the siege of Pamplona.
Within a few years he and 6 co-founders gathered numerous motivated Christians proud of becoming “soldiers of God” during the Counter-Reformation Age: “whatever the present or other Roman pontiffs order that concerns the saving of souls and the spread of the faith, and to whatever provinces he shall wish to send us, this let us strive to accomplish as far as in us lies…”.
Our Tour goes in the footsteps of Ignatius, retracing the sites where he lived in the district of Rome called “Pigna” (after the pineapple shaped fountain that was eventually moved to St. Peter‘s): the Rooms of Ignatius, the place where he used to teach catechism, the School of the Society (Collegio Romano), the Church of Jesus, the Church of Ignatius.
Your Guide will cast light on the story of the “black robes” (they earned the nickname by the Indians in North America), the suspects of conspiracy (are The secret advices a fake?) and their successful missions in foreign countries all over the world, where the Jesuits managed to convert into christianity a high number of natives at a high cost in terms of human lifes, since many priests died on duty.
The Tour will focus also on famous members of the Society, like Francesco Saverio (co-founder of the Society of Jesus), San Francesco Borgia (grandchild of Pope Alexander VI), Henry Garnet (executed for “misprision of treason” because of his knowledge of the Gunpowder plot), Angelo Secchi (astrophysicist who discovered the existence of solar spicules), cardinal Roberto Bellarmino (protector of Galileo Galilei), and, last but not least, Athanasius Kircher, “the man who knew everything”: german scientist, collectionist of wonders, egyptologist, cabbalist, consultant of Bernini on the making of the Fountain of the 4 rivers, his eclettic studies inspired writers such as Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Anton Mesmer, Jorge Luis Borge, Robert Graham, Umberto Eco.
DURATION: 2.5 hours

WHEN: daily (suggested pm)

HOW: on foot

MEETING POINT: to be agreed

MEETING TIME: to be agreed via mail (around 4.00 pm)

TOUR RATE: party of 2 adults € 70 each; 3-4 adults € 50 each ; 5-6 adults € 35 each; 7-10 adults € 25 each; 11-15 adults € 20 each.
                     Children/teens under 18 don’ t pay for the Tour


FINAL STOP: Piazza Navona

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