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The Eternal City has become a “must visit” for millions of pilgrims ever since the day Empress Helena brought a relic of the Holy Cross to Rome, no doubt motivated  by spiritual interest and attracted by the prospect of actually touching and seeing it for themselves.
This tour is recommended not only for the devout but also for those wishing to better understand the anthropologic-historical value of the relics, which from a purely religious view point, are not always considered as sacred. Your guide will clearly be unbiased and will not favour either Faith or Scepticism.

The first destination of this tour will take you to the Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme which is the custodian of unique material from the Terra Santa, a fragment of the Cross, a scroll, a nail, and several thorns from  the Crown. Then on and up the steps of the Scala Santa, which is believed to have been trodden on by Jesus when going up to Pontius Pilate and we will see fragments of the Baby Jesus'  wooden crib in S. Maria Maggiore.
The Friars’ Crypt hosts the reliquary, in other words a charnel pit made up of thousands of  friars’ bones deposited there in the course of the centuries as a warning to visiting tourists: memento mori!  Remember you are destined to die!  In the neo-gothic Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio visitors can view an extraordinary and unique collection of material and evidence left from suffering souls in Purgatory. 

DURATION: 4 hours

WHEN: from Monday to Friday

HOW: by cab or limo or van to the sites; at each site on foot

MEETING POINT: to be agreed via mail

TOUR RATE (including transportation): party of 1-3 persons € 300; party of 4-7 persons € 400; party of 8-10 persons € 500

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