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Be a medieval pilgrim for a day, and imagine to share with thousands the first Jubilee in the history of Christendom, when Rome was “second homeland to everybody”.
The tour starts from the Monte Mario Hill, the final stop for travellers walking along the Via Francigena, starting from Canterbury-England, across France and Italy, leading them to Rome. Enjoy the stunning view of St. Peter’s, then open your medieval-like map (designed by artist Marco Crivellari exclusively for our guests) and march towards the heart of Christianity along the ancient Via Triumphalis-the Roman Triumph Road. Moving from basilica to basilica, we discover what is left of Pope Boniface the VIII‘s Rome. We enjoy the marvels of Rome (the Mirabilia Urbis), listen to strange tales about the ruins of pagan antiquity and the legend of the Popess Giovanna. Whatmore, we will not stay away from political arguments: for this is the City where Templars and Knights of S. John, Guelphs and Ghibellins, Franciscan and Dominican monks live next to eachother.
In the streets of modern Rome our guests, like inquisitive pilgrims, get a glimpse of the Eternal City as it was in 1300. Helping you in the task? Your faith, a map, a piece of bread (or, if you prefer,  just a slice of pizza on the way…), the report from the Florentine poet Dante (to be found in his Divine Comedy), and - of course - your Roman Tour-Guide!

DURATION: 4 hours

WHEN: every day

HOW: on foot, with 2 rides by cab (to Monte Mario to head start;
           to St. Paul-outside-the-Wall on the final part of the Tour)

MEETING POINT: at your hotel or residence

MEETING TIME: to be agreed via mail (suggested: early morning)

TOUR RATE: party of 2 adults € 100 each; 3-4 adults € 70 each ; 5-6 adults € 50 each; 7-10 adults € 30 each; 11-15 adults € 20 each.
                    Children/teens under 18 dont pay for the Tour

CAB-FEE: depending upon traffic, may vary from € 10 to € 20 per trip

FINAL STOP: at St. Paul-outside-the-Wall

GUIDED BY: Max or Marlene        
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