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TOUR 2. Ostia - the Roman Pompei

Ancient Ostia, the port of Rome, which served the imperial capital for centuries, is situated at the end of the Tiber River, 25 km South of Rome. Entwined with the legends and history of the foundation of Rome, Ostia consists of old boutiques, tabernaes, apartment blocks, "cafeterias"(thermopoliums), baths, warehouses, stores, a cemetery, a perfectly preserved theatre with the square of the "corporationes"(trade-unions) and a frontstage. Ostia is a mini Roman Pompei. The City gained great wealth due as it controlled taxes on trade and imports to Rome, becoming a multicultural, cosmopolitan town, representing a melting-pot of cults, where we find -among the most remarkable- the oldest Jewish Synagogue in Europe, a mosaic floor showing the seven different levels of the priesthood in the Mithraic cult, and the Temple of Jupiter.



WHEN: from TUESDAY to SUNDAY (except Easter Sunday and Monday, May 1st, December 25th, January 1st) 

HOW: by limo or van or minibus or train to the site; then on foot 

MEETING POINT: to be agreed via email

MEETING TIME : to be agreed via email 


€ 400 (including transp. for a party of maximum 4 persons)

€ 500 (including transp. for a party of 5-6 persons); 

€ 600 (including transp. for a party of 7);

€ 700 (for a party of 8-13 persons) 

ADMISSION FEE: € 8 for adults;  under 18: free entrance (for teens 15-17 years old, please take along a valid ID or copy)

FINAL STOP: back to your hotel/residence 

GUIDED BY: Max or Marlene
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