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All you want to know about the Circus Maximus.
In spite of what one might believe, in ancient Rome chariot races were more popular than gladiatoral contests! This Tour takes place in the Circus-Valley (excavations are still in progress), to feel the spirit of the biggest stadium ever made in the history of mankind. Here we find a melting pot of religion, politics, leisure, passion and violence, starting back in the VIII b.C., where the rape of the Sabin women took place during a chariot race in honor of the god Consus-Neptunus.
The ones who want to truly understand Roman society, have to go through the stories of the Circus Maximus, and step eventually into the public Baths built by Emperor Caracalla (10min walk from the Circus Maximus), to let 2,000 people enjoy at the same time pools, gyms and saunas…
DURATION : 2 hours
WHEN : every day (except Easter Sunday, December 25th)
HOW : on foot, with headsets for parties larger than 6 people
MEETING POINT : at the Arch of Constantine, in front of the Colosseum
MEETING TIME : to be agreed via mail
TOUR RATE: 2 adults € 70 each; 3-4 adults € 50 each; 5-6 adults € 30 each; 7-10 adults € 20;
                    11-14 adults € 15 each. Children/teens under 18 do not pay for tour
ADMISSION FEES (for Baths of Caracalla only) : adults € 6, members of EU 18-24 € 3, under 18 from any Country do not pay for admission
(the ticket gives also access to 2 sites on the Appian Way: the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and Villa of Quintili/Commodo)
FINAL STOP : Baths of Caracalla (Via della Passeggiata archeologica)
GUIDED BY : Max or Marlene

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