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The first problem Etruscan priests were confronted with, when observing the planets, was to determine space and time in terms of a calendar linked to the movement of the same as well as that of the stars and eclipses. In order to fulfill their aim, Etruscans had to pinpoint their occurrences thanks to mathematical calculus. The next step was to link this data to reveal a practical way of determining the start and end of each season and to some extent of man’s life as well. Roman religion expresses a blend, the main ingredients of which are a scientific application of astronomical knowledge and superstition which was typical of Etruscan culture. Roman temples, and architecture underscore this, as well as the celebrations of religious character found within their calendar.
Our ARCHEOASTRONOMY TOUR throughout science and superstition in ancient Rome, features two different venues:
         the first one involves a trip to ruins concerning deities, celebrations and places of venerations which were held according to the various phases of the moon, to the movement of the planets and their relationship with the sun, the passing of comets in the sky, the seasons’ cycles, and climatic events;
         the second one involves viewing the ruins of monuments which were specially built to observe celestial phenomena happening daily or periodically on Earth and visiting specific places which aimed to enhance the interpretation of omens and things yet to happen in the future. 
DURATION : 2.5 hours
WHEN : every day (except Holy Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday, May 1st,
                              December 25th, January 1st)
HOW : walking tour (with headsets for parties larger than 4)
MEETING POINT : at the news stand out of the metro station Colosseo (line B)
MEETING TIME : to be agreed via mail (to choose in between 8.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.)
TOUR RATE : party of 2 adults: € 90 each; 3-4 adults: € 70 each; 5-6 adults: € 50 each; 7-10 adults: € 40 each; 11-15 adults: € 25 each. Children/teens under 18 don’t pay for the Tour.
ADMISSION FEE : € 12 per person to the Forum and Palatine
                               (includes also entrance to Colosseum) - free admission for
                                under 18 (please take a valid ID or a copy of passport)
FINAL STOP : in the Roman Forum

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