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All you want to know about gladiators and the Colosseum.
About the amphitheatreas a building we focus on: topography, sewing system, supplirsi of water, building techniques and phases.
About its story during the Roma Empire : the programme of a session, the fights with animals, the executions of criminals, the spectacles with gladiators.
About its story after the Roma Empire : the cemetery, the fortress, the pilgrimage-point, the excavations.
About historical misinterpretations : the only battleship ever staged, the genuine relationship between Christians and the Colosseum.
About gladiators : prisoners of war, criminals and volunteers; types of gladiators; gestuality during a fight and the role of the referees; life after retirement; soldiers turning into gladiators.
About Emperors who fought in the Colosseum : Domitian, Hadrian, Commodus.
About spectators : seats, tickets, dress-code, items pertaining to daily life in the amphitheatre during the spectacles.
About Hollywood and the Colosseum : ‘Gladiator’ (plus a mention for ‘The way of the Dragon’ and ‘The jumper‘).
About Hollywood and gladiators: ‘ Spartacus‘.
DURATION : 2 hours
WHEN : every day (except Easter Sunday and Monday, December 25th, January 1st)
HOW : walking tour with headsets for parties larger than 6 people
MEETING POINT : at the news stand out of the subway station Colosseum, line B
MEETING TIME : to be agreed
TOUR RATE : 2 adults € 70 each; 3-4 adults € 60 each; 5-6 adults € 40 each; 7-10 adults € 30 each; 11-13 adults € 25 each.
Children/teens under 18 do not pay for Tour.
ADMISSION FEES : Colosseum € 12 per person (also including admission to
                               Palatine Hill and Roman Forum); children/teens under 18 do
                               not pay for admission (please take an ID or copy of passport)
FINAL STOP : in/out Colosseum
OPTIONAL EXTENSION : THE UNDERGROUND WITH ARENA FLOOR AND THIRD LEVEL (when accessible, must be booked at least a week in advance)
EXTENSION RATE : € 60 for the party
UNDERGROUND ADMISSION FEE : € 50 for the party
GUIDED BY: Max and Marlene

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